Summer Beards

Summer Beards

If you’ve chosen to keep your beard through the summer, you’re bound to hear the classic ‘Is your beard hot in the summer?’ but the question you should be asking them is ‘Are you shaving your head this summer?’ because let’s face it, there’s really no difference!  

Here at Dear Barber, we love a good, full beard no matter the weather, so we thought we’d give you some advice on keeping your bead through the summer months.  

Summer = Heat 

Heat = Some interesting smells…. 

Our first piece of advice will be to keep your beard clean. You will naturally sweat more during the summer months so make sure you keep hydrated and wash your beard more regularly. Wash your face once in the morning and once in the evening but keep your beard to just 3 times a week to prevent beard itch. If you have been swimming in chlorine, we recommend washing your beard straight after to prevent you from smelling like a walking swimming pool.  

Beard itch is a common problem amongst men who are in the first couple of weeks of growing a beard, but this can also happen if you get a bit too hot and sweaty. We recommend using our Dear Barber Beard Oil (£7.95 RRP) as it includes the benefits of Coconut, Argan and Coconut oils to moisturise not only your beard but also your skin.  

You could alternatively use our Dear Barber Beard Balm (£7.95 RRP) as this mixture of oils and waxes will soften and lightly style your beard. It is specially formulated with Shea Butter, Beeswax and Oat Oil to provide a healthy shine and to also condition your beard and face.  

Also, all of our products contain our ‘With Confidence’ fragrance which will help to mask any other fragrances you may be sporting in the sweaty, hot weather! 

Just remember to enjoy these months, get out there and socialise!  



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