What is Hair Styling Powder? And How Do I Use It?

Dear Barber What Is Hair Styling Powder? Hair Dust Hair Powder Styling.

What is Men’s Hair Styling Powder?

Also known as Texturizing Powder, Mattifying Powder, Hair Styling Powder, Volume Powder, Hair Dust, and a whole host of other names, it’s the hottest men’s hair styling product on the market right now. 

Why? Because of its ease of application, its suitability for a multitude of hair types and styles and its high volume, high texture, matte effect.

So, what exactly is it? It’s the latest in a long line of men’s hair styling products that take their cues from product originally developed for the female hair market. We had gels, clays, waxes, mousses, sprays…now we have powders.

Dear Barber Mattifier Hair Dust

Normally made through a process called shearing, hair styling powders are made with Silica as a main ingredient which acts to create friction between hair strands, resulting in a thicker, fuller looking head of hair.

Other additional ingredients help to absorb the hair’s natural oils to enhance volume and provide that on-trend textured look.

Check out Pro Barber Marcus Feeley's reel showing him applying our new Mattifier Hair Dust to a short hairstyle post cut. Fresh!!

What are the benefits of using Men’s Hair Styling Dust?

  • Ease of application – simply tap out a little powder into the palm of your hands or directly onto dry hair and manipulate into your desired style. Its simple, quick and oh so very effective compared to other hair styling product types that take much longer.


  • Light, product-free feel – Perfect for those hotter months where other styling products can feel heavy and greasy, hair styling powders are lightweight and don’t melt in hot temperatures meaning it’s the perfect product to use this summer!


Dear Barber Men's Hair Styling Powder Hair Dust Volume Powder Texturizing Powder For Men

  • Re-workable style – whilst hair powders provide increased volume and added texture, it’s the formula’s reworkable nature that is loved by so many. Need to quickly spruce your quiff back into shape after taking your sweater off or after removing your helmet following your morning biking commute? Not an issue with hair styling powder.


  • Matte-effect – bang on trend at the moment, hair powders are matte by their very nature and give the hair a fuller, natural look without any added shine. Perfect!


Which Hair Types Are Best For Men’s Hair Styling Dust?

Whilst hair powders are often thought of as being the go-to product of those with thin or thinning hair, this is not the only hair type that can benefit.

True, the volumizing and texturizing effects of Silica on the hair can help to make thinner hair seem thicker. However, hair powder’s thickening qualities can also help to make longer, fuller hair more voluminous and texturised, hardly a bad thing now, is it?

Mens Hair Styling Powder Which Hair Type Is It Suitable For?

Check out the article from our friends over at Moquer.com which has great examples of which hairstyles work best with hair powders.

And be sure to check out this reel from our man The Dandy Butcher who showcases the versatility of our Dear Barber Mattifier Hair Dust by applying it to four different styles in one day!


How Do I Use Men’s Hair Styling Dust?


  1. Start with dry hair. Unlike many other styling products hair powder is best applied to dry hairs to ensure the full impact of the powder’s ingredients can take effect.


  1. Either sprinkle the powder directly on to your hair or into the palms of your hands and then onto your hair. Style using your fingertips pinching the hair occasionally to create depth or using a wide toothed comb to create added texture.

 Dear Barber Men's Hair Dust Hair Styling Powder Volume Powder How To Apply


  1. For thinner hair types it is best to apply the powder to the roots of your hair and then through the whole hair. This will give you greater control over the direction in which your hair will be styled and lead to a thicker, fuller looking head of hair.


  1. Remember, a little goes a long way. Start by applying just a little and if you need more then go ahead and repeat the process.


  1. Over time it is important to wash clear the powder to avoid any build-up of powder in the hair roots. Make sure to use a good shampoo and conditioner to clean the hair and ensure you maintain a healthy scalp.

Hop on over to youtube to check out Robin from manforhimself.com’s short video explainer of men’s hair styling powders where he also includes some excellent visual how to’s on how to apply the product to your hair.


Dear Barber Mattifier Hair Dust Out Now


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