The Clean Shave Trend Makes A Return....



Lads, is it time to say goodbye to the beard?

Over the years, the rise in men’s grooming has boomed increasingly and has become a top trend amongst men. At one point, a huge percentage of advertising campaigns in menswear featured a model with a beard.

The trend became popular back in the late 2010s, with men’s beards going from barely there to all the rage.

Bradley Stainton, founder of barbershop and eponymous grooming brand Pankhurst London stated, ““Most men are now veering towards a clean shave, while those who are choosing to keep the beard are instead opting for a shorter, much more groomed style.” Does that mean a shift here is happening?

With everyone emerging from recent lockdowns with new habits is the beard here to stay or is the clean-shaven look back to take over?

In today’s blog we’ll help you decide whether its time to shave off the beard and start rocking the clean shave look…



Most of us have conflicting views on beards and men; some men feel beards make them look older and sexy where some men steer very clear of growing even a centimetre of hair as it makes them feel rough and untidy. Well, as they say trends come and go, but a classic style will stay here forever. Believe it or not, a clean shave is one such look that will never go out of style and is here to stay in the long run. The clean shave is the more traditional approach to grooming.

Here’s one thing to know guys, a clean shaven look is actually the most hygienic of them all. If you have facial hair your need to apply beard oil or gel that attracts a lot of dust and dirt and eventually makes your face unhygienic.  This is where you will experience itching. Beards need to be maintained and well looked after. All of this is avoided completely when you opt for a clean-shaven look!



Having a clean shave exudes confidence. This look is considered to be a confident and trustworthy look. That is because your bearded look can alter your face structure, cover your acne or blemishes, but this look is an honest and open look. If you have a face structure to die for, just as well flaunt it! Sharp jawlines and flawless facial features should be flaunted and not covered up under facial hair. You can flaunt your natural features best in a clean-shaven look! It is a sign of confidence and honesty thus people are attracted to the clean shaven look. Psychologically, it symbolises self-confidence.

         The benefits of a clean shave are as follows:

  • It can help remove dead skin cells (often the cause acne and bad skin)
  • It often makes you appear younger
  • It will compliment a formal appearance
  • Women often prefer a clean-shaven man




If you’re considering doing the big chop be sure to invest in a good razor, this should always be the main focus as cheap razors will do nothing but irritate and damage your skin. On the other hand, a good razor can speed up the process and can leave you with a cleaner shave and reduces the risk f cuts. Another important factor to consider when mastering the clean shave is the before and after care. Prepare you skin for a shave by investing in a pre-shave oil, a good shaving cream and shaving brush, this can help to reduce the time you spend shaving alongside offering support for a close, clean shave.

Using a shaving cream with natural essential oils can help protect your skin. A good quality post-shave balm with natural ingredients is the perfect finishing touch to help you feel as good as you look after a close shave.



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