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Dear Barber Benefits of Beard Oil

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First up on the agenda.....?

Beard Oil

What is Beard Oil?

Beard Oil is a specifically formulated blend of natural oils, designed to be applied to your beard or stubble, to help keep your facial hair and skin healthy.

Although you might think your run of the mill shower gel or shampoo may help do this, because your facial hair tends to be a thicker, coarser hair than the hair on your head, more hydration is required in the form of an oil.

Beard Oils are made up of Carrier Oils such as Argan or Jojoba which help to hold and deliver the various Essential Oils that are included in the blend to deliver specific benefits eg. Almond Oil to reduce inflammation, Coconut Oil to hydrate…

Why should I use Beard Oil?

1. Moisturises your beard

Your body naturally produces sebum oils to nourish and moisturise your hair, with beards it important to buttress that with some of nature’s moisture-rich bounty of oils such as the Argan, Almond and Coconut Oils found in Dear Barber’s much-loved Beard Oil.

 Benefits of Beard Oil Hydration


2. Hydrates your skin and reduces itchiness

The dreaded “beard dandruff”, yep, that is a thing, and it’s a thing you want to avoid. Ever looked down after a morning of museful beard scratching and seen what looks like an explosion in a talc factory on your sweater? Then you’ll know the struggle is real. A good quality Beard Oil applied daily will help to hydrate and inject nutrient rich oils into the skin beneath the beard, helping you to avoid that awkward look of dandruff on your chest.

Beard Oil Benefits Reduce Itchiness Avoid Beard Dandruff


3. Softens course hair

The hallmark of all beards are stray, flyaway hairs that just won’t be moved into place. Alas, all beard hair is naturally course and there’s no getting away from it. A healthy application of Beard Oil however can help to gradually soften those hairs making it easier for you to palm or comb your beard into your preferred shape.


4. Thickens the appearance of your beard

Whilst some Beard Oil brands do claim their oils have beard growth properties, we’d advise you to check the claim efficacy before dropping big money on them. For the most part Beard Oils do help to thicken up the appearance of beards (a hair that has soaked up some oil is naturally thicker than a dry hair) and that’s a bonus for us all as thicker looking beards generally look much smarter than a thin, straggly affair.

 Dear Barber Beard Oil Beard Thicker Appearance

5. Smells great

Finally, with most Beard Oils you are going to get a nice refreshing scent running throughout your beard. Perfect to compliment your cologne and ensure that a day’s worth of sweat, food and maybe a little beer don’t smell through when you lean in for that all important kiss.


How long does my beard need to be to use Beard Oil?

The underlying benefits of a Beard Oil can be applied to any length of facial hair, its often just a question of how much to apply.

Having said that we would often recommend applying it to beard length of at least 0.5cm

Anything shorter than this then a skin-specific moisturiser would probably be best served.

The longer the beard you have the more Beard Oil you need to apply to ensure a thorough coating of your actual facial hair but also to ensure that some of the oily goodness is penetrating deep enough to work its magic on your skin.


How do I apply Beard Oil?

Step 1

For a short length beard (approx. 1cm of growth) we would recommend applying 4-5 drops of Dear Barber Beard Oil. Simply unscrew the dropper, squeeze the dropper teat to draw up the oil into the pipette, then squeeze the teat one more time release the oil into your palm. And repeat.

Beard Oil Benefits Palm Of Hand Application

Step 2

Its always recommended to gently rub the oil in the palm of your hands for a few seconds. This helps to begin the process of releasing the healthy properties of the oil before application.

Step 3

Apply the oil with you hands throughout the beard, starting at your cheek lines and working downwards and through the beard, making sure to spread throughout the beard underneath your chin. Oh and don’t forget the moustache too!

Step 4

At this stage we would recommend using a specifically designed Beard Comb or Beard Brush to ensure a consistent and deep disbursement of the oil through your beard. The finer teeth of a comb help to control any stray hairs in longer beards and the bristles of a brush help to give shorter hairs a better direction than just swiping into place with your hands.

Step 5

Quick check over in the mirror to ensure everything is looking good. Your beard should have a healthy gleam, not look like an oil slick or worse still a clump of dry hair. If you think more is needed, then go ahead and repeat the steps above.

And there you have it.

5 minutes was all it took and now you are in the know!

If you are now convinced to give Beard Oils a go, or, we're already preaching to the converted (Kudos to you Sir), why not give our world-renowned Beard Oil a try next time. As a thank you for your time, we'd love to offer you 15% off with discount code BEARDOIL15. Apply the code at checkout to claim your discount.

We hope you enjoyed this post, we’d love to hear any comments, feedback or suggestions on any topics you’d like us to cover in future “5 Minute Breakdowns”!

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