How To Eat A BBQ With A Beard

Here at Dear Barber, we love nothing more than a social get together and during summer, the weekends are filled with BBQs! That’s why we wanted to give you a ‘how to’ guide for eating at a BBQ with a beard because let’s face it, it can get messy! 

BBQ Burger Beard

Tip 1 – Don’t Overfill! 

We all know you’re going to reach for a burger straight away, but we’ve learnt that the trick is to not overfill! As much as you want beef, bacon, cheese, pickles, salad as well as a concoction of 4 different sauces, we suggest that you only have what you can get your teeth around. This should prevent any beard spillages! 

 Texas BBQ Beard

Tip 2 – Ditch the mustard! 

Hot Dogs or not, getting mustard stuck in your beard will leave a nasty smell until your next shower. Try and stick to ketchup!  

BBQ Sauce Chicken Beard

Tip 3 – Ribs are a no-go!  

If you’re even thinking about the ribs – don’t! Just walk away slowly… 

 Beard Dad Baby

Tip 4 – Baby wipes aren’t just for babies! 

Every household will have a packet, just locate it and wipe away any mess that you might have caused!  

Bearded Guy

Tip 5 – Enjoy yourself! 

The summer months are for beer gardens and BBQs, so just enjoy yourself and don’t worry about it too much and you can always use our Shampoo at the end of the day to keep that facial hair perfect! Get yours HERE!


If you don’t want to end up with a messy and smelly beard, just follow our 5 top tips above!  

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