Shaving Techniques

We know most of you simply chuck on some shaving cream and then drag a razor across your face every morning to ‘attempt’ to look sharp. But what you’re doing is causing yourself more harm than good. By doing it the wrong way your skin will suffer from ingrown hairs, razor burns and nicks & cuts resulting in you covering your face with little pieces of toilet roll. Here at Dear Barber we want you to be sharp & stylish, but we also want your skin to be in good shape after you’ve taken a blade to it, so here are our top tips!  



Like we’ve said, we know most of you just take a razor to your face and go for it, but this is not the way to start! 

Firstly, you need to prepare your skin by giving it a good old-fashioned wash. Try using a gel cleanser and warm water as this will lift all dirt and impurities which will leave you feeling clean.  



By applying shaving oil before your shaving cream, you’re preparing the hair follicles for shaving by making them stand up. It will also prepare your skin by drenching it with moisture which will give your razor a smoother glide. Try our Dear Barber Shave Oil (£7.95 RRP) as it contains Almond, Grade Seed and Tea Tree oils!  



You need to find yourself a decent shaving cream that contains moisturising oils for a smooth glide as well as a decent, soft finish.  

Try and oil that contains Almond Oil to nourish your skin as well as Glycerin for an easy, clean shave.  



Once you’ve removed all traces of facial hair, you need to finish off by using a good moisturiser with SPF. SPF plays a huge part in the prevention of skin cancer and also early signs of ageing, so it should be used daily, and if it’s in your moisturiser you need to worry about reaching for the holiday sun cream. You want to go for a minimum SPF 15.  

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