What no one tells you about hair loss!

It’s not surprising that you’re all worried about hair loss as around 40% of men experience noticeable hair loss by the time they’re 35 which rises to 65% of over 60s. So if you’re worried that you won’t look like Philip Schofield and more like Prince William, here at Dear Barber we’ve done a research and can give you the following advice…  

What causes natural hair loss? 

Look at your Dad and Grandad to see what condition their hair is in, this is like looking into the future for you! Unfortunately, lads, almost all hair loss results from male-pattern baldness that comes from your parents. So, if your Dad is naturally bald, you know what you’ve got coming so prepare! 

Other causes can include illness, stress, too much Vitamin A or not enough protein. This would explain why Joe Wicks has such luscious locks as he’s always outside in the sunshine, he gets enough protein from his best-selling diet programme and exercises hard to keep his stress levels down. Now, we’re not saying you’ve got to take a leaf out of his book, but a healthy lifestyle can not only help your hair loss but also keep your body and mind healthy too.  

 Hair Loss Myths 

As above, reducing your stress levels may impact your hair loss issues as stress is known to make your hair fall out (no, this is not a joke!). Reducing your stress levels can not only save your hair but also keep you happy and healthy!  

Some people may say that washing your hair too much can cause hair loss – this is hogwash! The average person has around 100’000 hairs on their head and loses around 50-100 a day naturally. So, if you see these falling out in the shower don’t be too alarmed! You will notice male-pattern baldness gradually as bald spots appear on your head, most commonly at the top of your head (See Prince William rocking this look!) 

What else could you do? 

Aside from exercising and eating healthy, you do have alternative treatments available such as buying a hairpiece. In extreme cases, you could have a hair transplant, but that is so much upkeep and also very expensive!  

We suggest you rock your natural look and be who you are! If Prince William can do it, why can’t you?!  

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