5 things no-one tells you about shaving

We’re all about honesty here at Dear Barber, so we wanted to give you the 5 truths about shaving…  


  1. A shaving brush is your best friend
This will probably be your best purchase you’ll ever make in terms of shaving as it guarantees and smooth and close shave due to equal distribution of the shaving cream. The shaving brush also helps the shaving cream penetrate the skin which will help prevent ingrown hair and cuts.  
There are 4 types of shaving brush: 
  • Badger
  • Boar
  • Horse
  • Synthetic
It is up to you what you prefer in a shaving brush as they all feel relatively different; however, we do recommend that you use a badger brush as these bristles are simply the best! The badger brush will last a very long time and will evenly smooth all shaving cream over your face with its close-set bristles. However, if you’re worried about the animals you will be able to use a synthetic brush which will also give good results.  


  1. Avoid shaving against the grain
There is a science and logic to shaving your face as it has so many corners, shapes and nooks to get around. Going against the grain simply means in the opposite direction to hair growth, so if you remember this it should be easy! 
To check which direction your facial hair grows, simply get a card from your wallet and gently drag it across your face. If the card slides smoothly it means you’re going with the grain, but if there is any resistance it means that you’re going against the grain. This is the direction you need to shave in.


  1. The neck area
The neck area is the most sensitive area, so precaution must be taken which is why we recommend that you shave this part last.  
When shaving areas like the neck area try to tilt your head back and pull the lower part of your neck down to stretch the skin so that the blade glides smoothly. Please remember to use gentle strokes in this area.  


  1. The rinse 

As much as you will want the comfort of nice, warm water it is essential that you use cold water. This helps to close your pores which will prevent spots. Always pat dry with a soft clean towel and don’t rub!  


  1. It’s not a beard though 

As much as we don’t want to say it, you have now lost your beard! We’re gutted!  

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