Top 3 tips for shaving your head and beard.

If you’re going completely bare, we’re here to help! Here at Dear Barber we want to support you whether you have a beard like Gandalf or a completely naked head & face! 

  1. Hides male-pattern baldness 

Shaving your head is the best and least expensive way to combat your male-pattern baldness! Using a handheld razor will give you a smoother finish but you can also use an electric razor for ease.  

2. Goodbye to bad hair days 

You would have had your share of bad hair days, so now you can wave goodbye to them! Take a think back to that bowl cut as a kid…. Aren’t you glad you’re bald now?  

3. It’s comfortable! 

Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, a clean-shaven head & face is going to feel a lot better than a full head of hair and a huge beard! Just think, you can always rock a great hat in the winter!  

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