Men's Hair Autumn 2023: All You Need To Know

This Autumn's On-Trend Men's Hair Styles | How To Look After Your Hair | What Styling Products To Use

In this month's Dear Barber "5 Minutes On..." we focus in on men's hair during the Autumn/Fall season. We'll take a look at what's hot and what's not in terms of styles, how to look after your hair when the days get shorter and what styling products will get the job done.

So, top up your Spiced Pumpkin Lattes ;-) and take 5 mins...


Men's Hair Style Care Autumn Winter 2022 Dear Barber

On Trend Men's Hair Styles Autumn/Fall 2023

Dis-Connect It

Having drifted in and out of fashion for years we are seeing clients requesting their hair super short on the sides with longer lengths on top as we head into the colder months of the year.

The idea here being that the hair on top looks "disconnected" from the sides and instead of the regular fade from side to top there is a starker contrast between short and long hair.

Disconnected Cut By Marcus Feeley Aura Salon Men's Hair Style Autumn Winter 2022

Disconnected cut & style by Marcus Feeley @ Aura Salon using Dear Barber Mattifier Hair Dust

The Regulation Cut

Attennnnnnnnn-tion! Perhaps the longest length cut acceptable in the US Army, the Regulation Cut is an easy-to-manage, bang-on-trend hair style this coming Autumn/Winter 2023. 

The top of the hair is trimmed to a short length (normally a 3 guard) with the sides tapered off. To complete this style the hair on top is usually styled in a neat side part.

And there are plenty of benefits to this style: it's low maintenance, is really practical, looks great and works in almost any environment (work or pleasure).

So straighten that back up soldier, and order up a Regulation Cut next time you're on weekend leave!

Men's Hair Style Regulation Cut Autumn Winter 2022

The Mullet

Most definitely not militarily approved the other major hair style set to feature this Autumn/Winter is the legendary Mullet.

Traditionally associated with shorter front and sides with length out the back, this year, however, we expect to see an overall much shorter length to the Mullet.

Moving things on from the 80's looks of Bowie and Swayze, don't be surprised to see a much softer graduation and even pairing up the mullet with a blunt fringe/French crop at the front to make things truly 2023/4.

 Modified Mullet Men's Hair Style Autumn Winter 2022

Modified Mullet cut & styled by Peter Pavlovic at Royal Barbershop

Men's Hair Care During Autumn/Fall 2022

Conditioner Required

Your hair will be exposed to plenty of changes in temperature as you move from outdoor cool to indoor heat and you'll likely be donning a hat of some sort this Autumn as well. All that heat and friction can interfere with your hair's natural structure, so give your hair a helping hand by using a great quality conditioner at least once a week. It will help to maintain your hair's form better as well as preventing it from becoming brittle and dry.

Dear Barber Men's Hair Conditioner 250ml Premium Men's Hair Care Autumn Winter 2022

Tis The Season To De-Dandruff

In the colder months of the year your scalp will often become drier than in summer when the natural oils that your hair produces work well to keep skin hydrated. This dryness can often result in what can become "dandruff season". Not to worry, just work in a gentle anti-dandruff shampoo to your regular washing routine to help remove the issue before it begins. Here at DB Towers we love Recipe For Men's cooling Anti Dandruff Shampoo. If your case is particularly severe you may want to discuss with your local pharmacist for something medicated to help.


Men's Hair Styling Products Autumn/Fall 2023

High-Five To High Shine

With shorter cuts being the go-to this Autumn we'll be seeing them styled a lot sleeker in appearance meaning high-shine and wet look finishes will be on point.

Utilize a high quality pomade (like our much-loved Strong Hold Pomade)  to slick your hair back or across and give your style a neater, more polished finish.

Men's Hair Style High Shine Pomade Autumn Winter 2022

Cut & Styled at The Gentry using Dear Barber Strong Hold Pomade

Volumize To Beat Hat Hair 

For those sporting longer styles this Fall make use of lightweight volumizing and texturizing styling products such as a sea salt spray or hair powder.

Changes in temperature, gusts of wind on your commute and hat hair can leave your hair looking flat. Applying a quick spray of Texturizing Sea Salt Spray or a sprinkle of Mattifier Hair Dust can instantly reclaim your hair's natural volume with minimal effort.

 Men's Volumizing Hair Styling Powder Autumn Winter 2022

Marcus Feeley @ Aura Salon dusting things up with Dear Barber Mattifier Hair Dust.

An Autumn Offer Just For You

And there you have it. Everything you didn't know you needed to know about men's hair styling this Autumn.

As a thank you for your time and to help you ensure your Autumn hair care is up to scratch, we are offering 15% off all Dear Barber products mentioned in this blog.

Simply apply discount code AUTUMN15 at checkout for any of the items listed below:

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We hope you enjoyed this post, we’d love to hear any comments, feedback or suggestions on any topics you’d like us to cover in future "5 Minutes On..."


Yours in Barbering,

Team DB



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