How to Look After Your Skin in the Autumn

Temperatures have dropped and the days are getting shorter. Although the Autumnal weather can dry skin out whilst the indoor heating also does no favours, Autumn does provide us with a great opportunity to help repair any sun damage from the previous Summer months.


Our skin loses moisture to the dry air that surrounds us during Autumn, so make sure you are using a hydrating moisturiser. Our Post Shave Soother is perfect for the job as it is super moisturising and hydrating, and will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft (rather than dry and tight!)


Using an exfoliator once a week will help clear through any dry or flaky patches of skin, whilst also allowing your moisturiser to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin (meaning more hydration!) Never underestimate the power of a good exfoliator. (Yes, it is acceptable to steal from the missus)!


The cold weather can leave you with dry, chapped lips – so invest in a good unscented lip balm and apply morning and night.

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