How Social Media Can Help Transform Your Barbershop

There are a multitude of hair salons and barbershops on our highstreets which shows just how popular and how essential they are to our everyday life. However, it also makes it extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd. Adding to this, we are now an ‘online generation’ who expect to find information at the touch of a button. Both of these are perfect examples as to why social media is more important now than ever, and we’re here to explain how to use social media to help transform your barbershop.


Did you know that on average a person visits Facebook every day? In addition to this, there are currently over 2 billion active users – many of whom use the site to find products and services. So, why not take advantage of this by creating a free business page?

A business page will allow people to search for your business on the site. Your business page can contain an ‘About’ section, as well as a list of services and even a price list. Your customers can leave you a review which your followers will be able to see, and you can even post pictures of your work.

Facebook is a great way of building a following, allowing potential new customers as well as current customers to connect with you and to gain updates on new services and special offers. Facebook’s instant messaging service also allows these customers to interact with you at any time, on any day. By directly communicating with your new and potential customers (through direct messages, comments and reviews) you will quickly learn and understand your target audience. Facebook also offers insights about your followers and how they interact on your page.

A lot of people will search for local businesses via Facebook. If you are not on there, these customers could potentially end up going to one of your competitors.


Did you know that over 200 million people visit at least one business page on Instagram per day?

Like Facebook, Instagram also provides you insights on your followers and it also tells you how these followers are interacting with your posts.

Instagram allows you to add information about your shop (including your opening hours and where you are located) and they provide your customers with your contact number so they can quickly and easily contact you.

Instagram is a great platform to showcase images of your work, your shop and your product displays. Many shops also have great success showing ‘behind the scenes’ imagery of your employees. By using hashtags, anyone can access your imagery and find your business in no time.


It is important to remember to post regularly on both Facebook and Instagram as well as interact with your followers. Your social media profiles tell a story on who you are, so portray yourself in a way that you want to be seen.

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