Grooming Mistakes to Avoid this Christmas

There are many mistakes that can be made over Christmas, such as the ugly jumper that you thought you could pull off to the extravagant light display that has been illuminating your house since the beginning of November. But we’re not here to talk about those today, we’re running through the top grooming mistakes to avoid during the holidays, so keep reading to find out more!

The Haircut

We get it, Christmas is a busy time of the year. You’re busy shopping for gifts, going to Christmas markets and, most importantly, partying at any given opportunity. But that should not mean you should put off your Christmas haircut to enjoy all of the above! Many barbershops have reduced opening hours around Christmas, so make sure you book in early and turn up at your time slot. Christmas is not the time for DIY haircuts!

The Beard

Everyone puts on a few pounds over Christmas, you’re not alone! But if you are trying to hide your extra chin with a new beard then make sure you are keeping it well groomed – although Santa’s beard is iconic, we’re sure that is not the look you want to go for! Use our Beard Oil to smooth your new beard into style and prevent those hairs from becoming brittle.

Dry Skin

Dry skin during the Winter is almost inevitable. The cold weather has set in, perhaps you’re even battling through the snow (on your way to the pub!) which has an effect on your skin. If you are suffering from a cold then we can guarantee your nose is becoming sore and flaky due to the constant battle with the tissues. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your skin dry and dehydrated, use a smoothing moisturiser such as our Post Shave Soother to keep your skin supple and healthy.


Most of us rely on Christmas to extend our collection of Eau De Toilette. But, just because you’re excited about your new scent that doesn’t mean you should use ¼ of the bottle ensuring every inch of your body is covered! No-one will appreciate an overbearing smell of EDT, no matter how good it smells (and remember, using an EDT does not replace having a shower – even when you are hungover from your Christmas work do!)

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