How to Achieve your Closest Ever Shave

Want the ultimate clean shaven look, but unsure where to start?


The key to a close shave is all in the prep. So, start by washing your face with a good cleanser and then follow with a gentle face exfoliator. This will soften your beard as well as release any ingrown hairs that may be lurking under your skin.


Always use a decent shave cream such as the Dear Barber Shave Cream – you can apply this with your fingers, or use a brush if you prefer. Ensure you use enough product to cover the hairs as this will provide a protective layer for your skin as well as help with razor glide. Do not skip this step as a shave cream will ensure your shave is smooth.


Remember to choose a good quality razor, a blunt or poor quality razor will not give you a smooth shave. Always use light strokes and ensure you do not press too hard (let your razor do all the work, not you!) When you get a build up of hair and cream on the razor blades then rinse the razor.

The Big Finale

Once you have finished the shave use the Dear Barber Post Shave Soother to hydrate your skin and alleviate any post-shave irritation.

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