The Benefits of a Good Night Sleep

Benefits of a good night sleep

This Wednesday it is ‘World Sleep Day’ so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to let you know the top 5 benefits of having a good night sleep (because who doesn’t love sleep?!)

  1. Sleep helps to reduce stress

Did you know that sleep helps to reduce stress levels? Stress hormones such as cortisol are commonly brought on by a lack of sleep, so it has never been a better time to hit the hay and get a good night’s kip. We’re sure your partner and work colleagues will thank you too!

  1. Sleep helps you maintain a healthy weight

We can’t be the only ones who are still carrying around extra timber from Christmas (or from too many chocolate eggs at Easter!) Did you know that a lack of sleep can change the level of your hormones that tell your body when you are hungry? This means that you are more likely to overeat and also choose unhealthy foods. So, if you are trying to look after the waistline then make sure you are having a decent sleep!

  1. Sleep helps to de-clutter your mind

When you sleep your brain will be repairing and rebuilding, organising and processing all of the information you’ve gathered during the day. This will help you to de-clutter your mind and see things a lot clearer when you wake up (hence the phrase ‘sleep on it’!)

  1. Sleep can reduce the risk of depression

We are more aware of mental health than ever before, but did you know that having a good night sleep could help reduce your risk of depression? When you sleep your body produces serotonin, a chemical that is also referred to as the ‘happy chemical’ as it contributes to happiness and wellbeing.

  1. Sleep keeps your heart healthy

A lack of sleep has been associated with making blood pressure and cholesterol worse, which in turn can lead to heart disease. So, rest up and look after your health.

Want to learn more about how to get a better night's sleep? Check out the website of our friends over at 

Now, we’re off to go and catch some ZZZs.

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