Does blow drying affect your beard?

Here at Dear Barber we understand that your time is precious, and life demands too much of you. However, by blow drying your beard, you may be causing more issues that being a little late in the morning! 

But you must remember that every beard is different. Some beards are easy to maintain, and others are like a jungle on your face with little to no control. A blow-dryer is a good tool not only for your head hair, but also for your beard as it allows you to style it however you want, and the heat will give you good control.  

It is true that when hair is exposed to high heats, it can damage which will eventually lead to rough, coarse hair which can begin to lose its colour due to the high temperatures.  

A study was done by the Korean Society for Investigative Dermatology actually discovered that although using a hair dryer causes more surface damage than natural drying, using a hair dryer at a distance of 15 cm with continuous motion causes less damage than letting the hair dry naturally. 

They found that when you blow dry from 15 cm at a low temperature, it can benefit your hair and beard rather than air-dried hair. This is crazy! 

Wet hair can weight down the hair from the follicles which could lead to hair loss, so blow drying it can prevent this from happening.  

We know this may complicate matters and you may now have to create a schedule with your misses with the use of the hairdryer, but remember it’s your beard so it’s up to you! 

Top tip: Always finish off with our Dear Barber Beard Balm (£7.95 RRP) to smooth out your beard whether your blow dry or not!  

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