Beginners guide to growing a tash!

Here at Dear Barber we LOVE a good tash whether it’s a handlebar or horseshoe, we welcome all shapes and sizes! 

If you’ve decided to go for it, make sure you grow one you can be proud of! We’re here to help with some vital steps for you to consider when you begin your tash journey… 


Let it grow! 

If this if your first moustache, please all 2-4 weeks of growth before you go in for the trim. Have some patience, you don’t want to end up trimming more than you have so that all of your hard work goes to nothing!  



It’s best to invest in a good beard comb to use on your tash and beard. Our Dear Barber Beard Comb (£5.95 RRP) is ideal for brushing through your tash and beard without causing any damage to the hair.  


Trim & Maintenance  

You need to make sure you choose sharp trimming scissors to give you a precise finish. You need to take the shape of your face, mouth and nose into consideration and don’t trim too much off – less is more! 

Use a good beard wash to clean it 3 times a week, this will stop it becoming smelly. After you’ve washed it, use our Dear Barber Moustache Wax (£7.95 RRP) to style and hold your tash in whatever shape you desire. If you’re not looking for hold but just nourishment, try our Dear Barber Beard Oil (£7.95 RRP) as it contains Argan, Almond and Coconut oils to penetrate your hair follicles and kin to give you all over nourishment.  


Thank you

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