The top 2018 Autumn/Winter men's hairstyles

As the weather gets colder you may be considering a change in hairstyle and look. Don’t worry you don’t have to go for anything drastic just add a different product than you’re used to it will refresh your whole style!

If you're stuck for a look we here are our favourites…

The Short Back and Sides.

This hairstyle is easy to achieve and manage and it is exactly what it says on the tin. Keep your hair short around the base and longer on top. This style is perfect for any type of hair, it will disguise any thinning hair. Control thicker locks and add texture to curls.

Our Mattifier would be ideal for this look it helps provide Texture, increase volume and gives you a stronghold. Dear Barber Mattifier creates separation with a matte finish. The sophisticated combination of ingredients includes beeswax and carnuba wax that provides a strong yet flexible hold. It provides immediate grab and lends the appearance of thicker hair.

Long Sweep

The long hair has been making a come back this year, but that doesn’t mean that long rocker hairdo of the 80s. That shoulder length hair can be given a sleeker more refined look to maintain that masculine feel.

To style use some of our Fibre it provides our strongest available hold strength. The mega-elastic fibre technology contains VP/VA Copolymer which creates a thin moisture barrier that will help keep even the hardest to achieve styles in place all day and will stop that hair flopping into your face.

The Fringe

Styled correctly the fringe haircut can really add some great texture and dimension to your hair. But be careful if styled badly it can transport you back to your Emo teenage years!

However, its versatility is what makes it a great haircut. The style has a lot of room for you to style it differently each day depending on the look you are going for!

Add some of our shaping cream when blow drying your hair to add a natural look and texture.

The Modern Pompadour

The pompadour works great on men with Straight finer hair as it will be easier to create that slicked back look. The modern pompadour can suit most face types and gives you the chance to experiment with length.

The ideal product for this look is a Pomade. Dear Barber Pomade is perfect for a medium smooth hold with a high shine. It offers flexibility and controls even curly or frizzy hair. It also contains castor oil to promote healthy hair and scalp.

Which is your favourite?

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