3 ways a beard can make you more successful

Here at Dear Barber we believe that your beard becomes part of your unique identity and a major part of your personality. Here are our 3 reasons why a beard will make you more successful: 



Beards naturally have an authoritative presence about them, if you think back in history many great Kings have sported a beard to assert their regal status and authority. See King George V and his perfectly done beard with a strong moustache in his military uniform – nothing says authority more than a bearded leader in wartime.   

But a lot of you may experience insecurities about your appearance and use your beard as a cover-up for this. Well, that’s fine but if you do, you need to ensure you take pride in your beard and maintain it well. This will result in you being happy with your appearance and this will naturally make you more confident.  

Age & Wisdom 

‘With age comes great wisdom’  

Even if you haven’t been around long enough to be wise at heart, growing and maintaining a great beard will give you this perception. People immediately think of a bearded mean as more experienced and knowledgeable, so use this to your advantage!  

A beard can also make you look more dominant as it’s a sign of masculinity.  

Fix up look sharp!  

As you know, growing a beard just doesn’t happen overnight, it takes weeks of discipline and a nasty itching stage. If you can get through the itchy stage, you can get through anything! 

But once you have your beard to the length that you would like it, maintaining it is key in looking sharp. Take inspiration from celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham and Will Smith for how to make a beard look sharp!  

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