How to rock those greys!

You’ve reached the wrong end of your twenties and you’ve noticed a few greys In your beard and hair, but there’s nothing wrong with that! All hair goes grey at some point in life and your facial hair is no exception. But here at Dear Barber we believe we can depart some wisdom and help you feel better about those greys! 


The most common reason for your beard turning grey will be your genetics. Just like male-pattern baldness, going grey is no exception! If you take a look at your Dad and Grandad you will be able to see your fate! 

Embrace it! 

If you’re destined for a head/beard full of greys and you’ve dodged the bullet of male-pattern baldness, then embrace your greys like Philip Schofield. Adored across the UK, his charismatic charm would be nothing without those lavish white locks. So embrace your greys and grow old gracefully! 

How to cover it up 

If you’re not quite ready to go the full ‘Clooney’, then visit your local barbershop and they may be able to tone your hair back to its natural colour. Your barbershop will be able to get a more natural finish that a home dye kit, so don’t take the risk! 

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