What is Moustache Wax and how do you use it

What It Is

Dear Barber Moustache Wax is a strong yet supple wax that delivers superb styling and keeps your ’tache in shape all day. Specially formulated to remain workable through the fingers but quickly set on the moustache, for mess-free use wherever you are. Containing oat, jojoba and Argan oils that combine to condition hair and give a healthy shine from root to tip.

Why You Need It

Left to its own devices, your moustache is likely to grow directly downward—and at a certain length, it can really interfere with the foam on your morning cappuccino. Wax helps you train your ’tache sideways. For the more seasoned grower, it’s the basis for impressive styling tricks.

See below for 40 amazing moustache styles you could try this Movember…

How to apply mustache wax

  1. Scrape out the desired amount with your thumb or forefinger (a pea-sized amount is usually perfect.)
  2. Work the wax, until it feels soft and workable
  3. Starting from the centre of your tache, begin to smooth the wax in. (For a more natural look comb to spread)
  4. If you are going to a more dramatic look twist the ends.

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