Look Sharp for the new year – Beard trimming tips


Ok, we understand the last few weeks have most probably been filled with lots of partying, late nights and if you are like us alcohol (lots of alcohol). Well, we hate to put a downer on the mood but it’s now the new year, so you know what this means, time to tidy up and be the best version of yourself and this includes trimming that unruly Beard that has started to take over your face!


Keep reading for our top tips for taming your winter beard…


  1. Invest in some quality Barber scissors, don’t just hack at your beard with some clippers you should be keeping your beard in shape so much so that some good scissors will do all you need.
  2. Wash your beard, you do not want remnants of your Christmas dinner to be found before you start trimming
  3. Make sure your beard is dry before trimming, if you mane is still wet when trimming the likely hood is you will cut it too short.
  4. Use a comb, (such as our Beard comb) be conscious of how your mane naturally grows and make sure to go in that direction as you’re combing downward.
  5. Start at one side of your face, pass your comb gently through your beard at a slight tilt. Cut the beard hair that protrudes out of the teeth of the comb.
  6. Don’t Rush, there is no need to rush the process, take it slow while working your way down the first half of your beard. Once the first half is done and you are happy then repeat for the side.
  7. Style, once you have your beard in tip-top shape be sure to keep it in shape throughout the day with our Beard Balm.

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