Top 5 thing to do on Valentine’s Day – on a budget

After the holiday season, it could leave you a little bummed out, but as Valentine’s Day approaches maybe you should think about making the most of it (we’re sure the partner will appreciate it).

However, we do understand V-Day can also be a burden, especially to those who are trying to watch their budgets. So, for these reasons, we've come up with 5 enjoyable and Valentine's Day activities that won't necessarily hurt your pockets.

And call us hopeless romantics, but we think these ideas can easily replace a stuffed bear or cheesy greeting card.

  1. Make dinner at home, what can we say the couple that cook together stay together. This is a great chance for you to work and spend some quality time together and at the end sit down and have one of your favourite meals.
  2. Give each other a massage, forget those half-hearted shoulder rubs in front of the TV, and dedicate some real time to giving your partner a massage.
  3. Go to a museum, if you are into your history/art spend a quiet afternoon together hitting up a local art gallery or more popular museum. Discuss artefacts, dinosaurs and strange paintings, feel cultured.
  4. Scavenger hunt, as a fun V-Day gift, lead your significant other on a mini scavenger hunt to some of your favourite places, or even in your home. Bring back old memories — and make new ones.
  5. Games night in, someone will be scoring tonight...on a board game, that is. This Valentine’s Day challenge your partner to your favourite game and stay in for a cosy fun night.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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