Our shave products and how to use them?

With the new year now in full swing you might be fancying a change and striping back that beard. If you are wondering what products you need to get that silky-smooth shave you have come to the right place.

Keep reading to know the benefits and how to use each of our shave care products…





A silky shave experiences.



  1. Prepare, give your stubble a good wash and soak. Wet stubble is easier to cut which will help stop irritation.
  2. Use the oil, work 2-3 drops of the Shave Oil thoroughly into your beard, make sure you have an even coverage to lift the stubble away from the skin.
  3. Shave, using a clean sharp blade, shave carefully in the direction of hair growth taking care around the sensitive neck area. Take it slow and steady, rinsing the razor frequently to prevent clogging and to ensure you get the most bristles in a single pass.
  4. Protect, after shaving, thoroughly rinse off with cool clean water as this helps close up the skin’s pores. Pat dry and protect skin immediately with a moisturiser or balm.



Nutrient rich almond, grape seed and tea tree oils soften your facial hair. Dear Barber Shave Oil reduces shaving irritation and leaves skin soft to the touch. Our non-greasy formula improves razor glide for a smoother finish.




Recreating the traditional wet shave experience.



  1. Soak the Shaving Brush, when preparing for a shave, your shaving brush should be soaking in warm water in your sink to get the bristles nice and soft. Alternatively, you could also hold the brush under hot running water for some time.
  2. Use our Shave Oil and steps above, prepare your stubble making them soft and ready to be shaved.
  3. Apply Shaving Biscuit onto Brush, depending on the thickness of your hair, apply the appropriate quantity of shaving biscuit onto the brush. Around three-quarters of an inch of cream does the trick in most cases.
  4. Lather, begin whipping your brush into the shaving bowl in order to get the shaving biscuit into a rich lather.
  5. Apply to Face, once you have a rich lather, use the brush to apply it to your face evenly. The whole purpose of applying the biscuit is to help in getting a smooth shave, so make sure you apply it thoroughly.



Dear Barber Shave Biscuit is a rich shaving formula with a crisp finish, promoting a close and silky-smooth shave. This product lubricates and protects the skin for the ultimate shaving experience.


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