Make your Beard Feel Special by using a Comb!

I suppose you have all heard about Beard Combs, but are you using one? Take it from us, the better you treat your beard the better it will look and feel!

Not only does a comb does wonders for your beard leaving any lady wanting to run their hands through it, a high-quality beard comb also…

  • Prevents ingrown hairs by training the hairs to grow in the right direction.
  • Trains your moustache to stay off your lip.
  • Evenly distributes oil throughout your beard so ensure perfect coverage.
  • Adds appearance of a fuller beard while still having hairs lying in one direction.
  • Shaping to your desired styling preference.
  • Works wonders in the hygiene department.

When you are getting out of the shower your beard hairs become delicate and possibly tangled. Your beard is at its weakest when it is wet, and it doesn’t take up to damage it, stretch the beard hairs or even remove chunks.

The teeth of the comb are perfect for untangling your wet beard without putting a pointless strain on your hair follicles.

They are also amazing for styling your beard, as they allow you to make more precise choices with its appearance in few strokes. But be careful to get to comb-happy your beard hairs will split much easier if you comb to much!

You can purchase one of our beard combs for £5.95 here!

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