Strong Hold Pomade: Everything You Need to Know

Dear Barber Pomade

Our Dear Barber Strong Hold Pomade contains a unique formula to provide a smooth, flexible finish with a high shine gloss. Providing definition and control, the Strong Hold Pomade can be reused throughout the day and is ideal for controlling curly and/or frizzy hair.

Not only that, but our Strong Hold Pomade is easily washable, and enhances the appearance and feel of your hair whilst acting as a protective barrier against damaging environmental factors. Sounds great, right!

But what is a Pomade, I hear you ask?

Traditional pomades may make you think of Elvis, but modern-day pomades are lighter and less greasy than those used traditionally.

If you want to pull off a modern-day pomade look then follow our steps below:

  1. Always ensure your hair is dry – Pomade is best applied to dry hair.
  2. Scoop a dollop of our Dear Barber Strong Hold Pomade (it is up to you how much you apply; it really does depend on your hair type and your desired style. But take it from us, we would start with a fingertip amount – a little goes a long way and it’s easier to add more as you go!)
  3. Rub the Pomade between your hands before raking your fingers through your hair from root to tip. Ensure you get an even coverage.
  4. Grab a comb and start styling.
  5. Job done!

You can find our Dear Barber Strong Hold Pomade here.

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