Stockist Saturday: Meet The Grooming Room

The Grooming Room

Meet ‘The Grooming Room’ – an award-winning barbers located in Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

The Grooming Room has been open and ran by owner Alice since 2016. Back then, Alice ran the barbershop by herself, but she now has a team of 4 barbers who work on the shop floor.

In 2017, The Grooming Room won the English Best Barbers in the East Midlands, and they have since taken part in more competitions (and they intend to partake in even more this year!)

We asked Alice a series of questions about her barbershop that we have been dying to know, so to find out more about this award-winning barbershop keep reading!

What makes your barbershop special?

At The Grooming Room we pride ourselves on being a men’s grooming specialist rather than just a men’s barbers. For our clients, we provide an online booking system alongside a booking app to enable our customers to book their appointments in advance or whilst on the go. We offer services such as haircuts, hot towel treatments and nose waxing.

How has the barber industry changed since your shop opened?

The barbering industry has changed over the years, from being a quick drop-in haircut to men taking time and care in their appearance, for example, opting for a frequent beard shape or having a fade on the back and sides. Here at The Grooming Room, we now offer new services such as men’s facials and a luxury wet shave.

From your perspective, what are the current trends in male grooming right now?

We have definitely found that beards are a current trend, from short stubble to long rustic beards.

What advice would you give someone who wants to enter into the barber industry?

Our best advice would be to always take advice from experienced barbers, and to always listen to your customers. The best barbers always listen to their client’s wants and needs. It is also really important to invest in good equipment!

What is your favourite Dear Barber product to use and why?

Here at The Grooming Room, our favourite Dear Barber product is the Mattifier because it has a strong hold with the perfect natural finish – it can also be used for all hair types. The Beard Balm is also our favourite – in fact, it is the best Beard Balm we have ever used.


We would like to thank The Grooming Room once again for their time!

You can find out more information about The Grooming Room on their Facebook page here

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