How to Save Time on Your Morning Grooming Routine

No-one likes to choose between an extra half an hour in bed or looking acceptable for the day. The obvious answer would be to go to bed early allowing yourself to feel refreshed in the early hours of the morning and time to spare getting ready. But that’s life. We’re all busy and whilst an early night may sound nice, it isn’t always an option. So, how else can you save time in the morning so that you don’t have to compromise your look or your morning coffee?


Let’s start with your hair. Chances are you do not have time to wash your hair, but luckily for you there is a genius product called dry shampoo. Simply spray some onto your roots and massage in and no-one will notice your greasy locks. Once done, use a mattifying product such as our best selling Mattifier – better yet, take the tub with you and apply it on your morning commute.


To wake up with super soft, bright skin go to bed using an overnight mask which will sink in whilst you sleep with no need to remove once you’re awake. Job done.

Facial Hair

If you rock a beard then simply apply a few drops of our Beard Oil to your fingertips and run through the hairs. Super quick and stress free. Again, this can be done on your morning commute if you want to spare a few seconds from your morning routine. If you’re a shaver and you can’t get away with not shaving every day then make sure you’re using our Shave Cream which will make the job a lot easier and therefore save you time. Plus, it will make your shave smooth and leave you ready to face the day ahead.


How do you save time on your morning routine?

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