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Developed by Barbers | Proudly Made in UK | Free Shipping
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Shave Oil
Dear Barber Shave Oil

Shave Oil 30ml

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This unique, non-greasy combination of Almond, Grapeseed and Tea Tree Oils has been created to soothe skin irritation and soften the bristles of regularly shaved hair. Craft a perfectly smooth shave with the oil alone or use as a pre-shave lubricant to tackle stubborn hairs.


A silky shave experience.


Nutrient rich almond, grape seed and tea tree oils soften your facial hair. Dear Barber Shave Oil reduces shaving irritation and leaves skin soft to the touch. Our non-greasy formula improves razor glide for a smoother finish.


Apply in small circular motions using your fingertips, ensuring your skin and stubble are lightly covered in oil. Shave using your razor of choice. For best results, massage our Shave Cream over the Shave Oil before you begin your shave.