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Developed by Barbers / Proudly Made in UK / Free Shipping
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What Do Our Dear Barber Ambassadors Do?

Who are our ambassadors?

  1. Anyone who loves Dear Barber.
  2. People who have a passion for barbering and grooming.
  3. People who support our mission to promote our brand and build awareness of our brand’s ethos.
  4. People who want to be part of and help build a community of Dear Barber ambassadors.


What do they do?

  1. Most importantly they believe that together we can help spread awareness of Dear Barber products.
  2. They will review our new products as they are released by sharing blog posts via social media.
  3. Help us develop a strong portfolio of product images and videos.
  4. Host giveaways to their social media audience to help promote our products.
  5. Share Dear Barber images via their social media (when appropriate)
  6. Write blog posts related to our products and lifestyle that our audience would find interesting. 


Our way of saying "Thank You."

  1. 50% discount on all Dear Barber products (does not apply to barbers/stockists).
  2. Access to new products before they are publicly available.
  3. Ability to share exclusive special offers and discounts. Each ambassador will have their own discount codes when needed.
  4. A profile via our Dear Barber website, linking to their blogs, websites and social media.

Regular recognition through our social media platforms.


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