National Spa Week - Men's at home spa evening

National Spa Week - Men's at home spa evening

It’s National Spa week everyone! What is more relaxing than a spa, but we all know this can be a little pricey and time-consuming. However, with a few products, you can create that spa-like experience in your own bathroom. Follow these steps to leave you feeling like a new man.

  1. Set the mood.

Light some scented candles and fill your bathroom with a low soft lighting. Play your favourite music and pop your phone on silent so no calls or messages and interrupt your me time.

  1. Run a hot bath

Add some essential oils for relaxing purposes. Essential oils can be found at any health food shop or at your supermarket. Try adding a few drops of lavender or chamomile to help you switch off.

  1. Shower

After a bath, you will want to have a quick shower to wash your entire body, make sure you exfoliate to prevent breakouts and eliminate dead skin.

  1. Exfoliate your face

Massage a gentle exfoliant on your face to help cleanse your pores and give your face that smooth feel

  1. Look after your face

We have two amazing collections for the bearded and shaved gent. Take your time to use the products in our Beard Grooming & Shave care collection to finish off your me time.  



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